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De Solo Boutique Hotel is in Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia. Its prime location gives you access to the city's modern conveniences and enigmatic past. Key areas within close distance from the hotel include the Adisumarmo International Airport (20 minutes) as well as the Balapan Railway Station and Tertonadi Bus Station (15 minutes).

Don't miss out on Solo's attractions and you'll know why the city's motto is "The Spirit of Java." Get a glimpse of its rich history in royal palaces like Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat and Puro Mangkunegaran. Then, hunt for hand-painted batik items in the traditional market, Klewer. To discover more, avail of De Solo's city tour package.

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Heritage City
Village of Batik
Historical museum
Traditional market
Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat
Puro Mangkunegaran
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De Solo Boutique Hotel
8 - 10, Jl. Dr Sutomo
Solo, Central Java, 57141